I'm a web developer from Sweden who enjoys developing great web applications, explore new technologies, contribute to open source projects and to spend time with my family.

Occasionally I will post neat little tips and tricks related to web development, mostly as a way to keep notes for my future self. Hopefully these notes can be of value to other fellow devs as well.


☝🏻Photo taken by @johanlinander. It's a few years old but it was the best I could find, it was either that or a random image of a cat.

Full source code of this website is open source and available over at GitHub.

Recent projects


#vue #vue-component #carousel

Vue wrapper for Siema carousel.

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#vue #vue-component #dribbble-api

Vue component to easily display dribbble shots from a user using the v2 API.

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#vue #vue-component #js-scroll-indicator

Scroll indicator component using Vue.js.

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#grav-cms #grav-starter-theme

Starter theme for Grav CMS using modern tools and frameworks.

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